Things You Need To Teach Your Children At Early

Things You Need To Teach Your Children At Early Stage
As a good parent, there
are some things you need to teach your children at early stage because they
need more attention and need to be monitored and educated about many things.
Here are what you need to educate them on:
Warn your daughter
never to sit on anyone’s lap, I mean opposite sex no matter the situation even
including your uncles, cousins, brothers etc. This particular habit has spoilt
and violated many women when they were young, we need to make sure this does
not happen frequently.
Avoid getting dressed
in front of your child once he/she is 2years old and above, learn to excuse
them or yourself. Do not say because they are young, they do not know anything
but this can also violate their minds and mentality sexually.
Never allow any adult
refer to your child as ‘my wife’ or ‘my hubby’. This habit is so common among
the parent and their friends (family friends) and it has also violated some of
our boy and girls because they already know the meaning of relationship between
the opposite sex.
Whenever your child
leaves you premises to go out to play with colleagues, make sure you are aware
about the kind of play they engage to because young people now sexually abuse
If your child is not comfortable
with any adult, I mean if you observe he/she is not comfortable or he/she tells
you he/she is not comfortable with person, never force your child to visit that
kind of person.
If you observe that
your child becomes fond of a particular adult person, you need to do something
about it by finding out why he/she is so fond of the person.
If you notice you
lively child suddenly becomes moody, you need to ask a lots of questions from
he/she to know exactly what is going on.
Educate your grown-up
child about sex in a rightful way because if you don’t, the society will teach
them in a wrong way and this can violate them sexually.
Make sure you go
through any new materials you buy for them like cartoons and toys before they
start using it themselves.
Warn your kids not to
allow anyone to touch their private parts and educate them on how to wash and
take care of it. This will definitely stay on their minds till they grow old.
Avoid any pornography
video near them at any point in time. Make sure they do not have access to any
form of pornography pictures or videos.
Feed your children with
the word of God irrespective of your believe or religion, let them know the
importance of getting close to God.
Your child is your
future, train them well, educate them, monitor them and make sure they are well

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